Friday, July 15, 2011

More metro guidelines

Here are some metro lessons we've found useful for when we're traveling as a party of six:
  1. As I mentioned in a previous post, the first lesson is that an adult always gets on last. When those doors close, they close fast.
  2. Closely related to #1 is #2, an adult always gets on first. This was brought home to us when Abby and Alex made it on the train, and Joan just barely followed, while the rest of us watched them ride off.
    Moscow metro Joan waiting
  3. This provided an opportunity to review the "hug a tree" rule, or in this case, the "hug a bench" rule. If a kid ends up alone on a train, he or she is to get off at the next stop and hug a tree -- I mean, bench. If a kid gets left behind alone at a stop, again, hug a bench.
  4. When the train is crowded, do your best to not be standing right at the door. This was brought home to Alex when the doors opened and he was swept out with the crowd. Fortunately, Joan (last on, see #2) swept him back on with the incoming rush.
    Moscow metro Alex
  5. Watch out for strange people sitting next to you.
    Moscow metro Abby Joan
  6. Take advantage of the train ride to exercise. When the train is packed like sardines and you can't reach a handrail, you can work those leg muscles trying to stay upright. When the train isn't so crowded, you can be a little more creative.
    Moscow metro Mindy
    Moscow metro ErinnaMoscow metro Abby
  7. And last, when the train isn't crowded, have some fun!
    Moscow metro Pam Joan Mindy

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